Lyne: Tricky Puzzles that are fun

Lyne: Tricky Puzzles that are fun

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It doesn’t always have to be an Action Game. Exciting Puzzles on your smartphone can be quite a challenge as well. This brings us to LYNE, a nice download suggestion. The objective in the minimalist Puzzle is to connect all parts with each other.

Sounds simple, bit does get quite tricky at times, which is part of the charm of LYNE. The important thing: All pieces have to be incorporated. Many of them are not that easy to fit in. If you can’t do it, and pieces are left over, the level is unsolved. The geometric shapes will exasperate you. Watch out, LYNE definitely has an addiction factor and soon you desperately want to solve each and every Puzzle.

LYNE is a beautifully designed Puzzle Game, without advertising banners or in-app purchases. And best of all, there are also randomly generated levels that prolong the fun.

+ Tricky challenges
+ Stylish, minimalist design
+ Randomly generated levels
+ Hours of fun