LvLn: Arcade Hack`n`Slay just like in the 80s

LvLn: Arcade Hack`n`Slay just like in the 80s

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Welcome to this retro pixel world, in which you fight with four funny characters against ninjas, skeletons, and even dragons. You run to the left and to the right, eliminating enemies by letting them run into your sword. You are most vulnerable from below – so be careful and pay attention to where opponents are coming from. Attack them directly or avoid them by jumping.

Immediately pick up what your opponents drop, including gold, keys and potions. The keys let you unlock new levels and characters; the money enables you to upgrade and strengthen your character. Variety is provided by three game modes, eight locations and bosses.

This Arcade Hack`n`Slay makes you feel as if you are back in the good old 80s. Your little pixel character moves back and forth in the 16-bit world, jumps, fights and collects things. It is cute and funny – but in the long run it lacks variety.

+ Universal app for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
– In-app purchases