LokLok: A cool and slightly different messenger

LokLok: A cool and slightly different messenger

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LokLok: A cool and slightly different messenger

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9 Value of Benefit
9 Usability
9 Design
10 Reuse Value

With the vast number of messengers that are available nowadays, it couldn’t have been easy for the developers of LokLok to come up with something completely new. The app replaces your lock screen, allowing you to write on it. No need to unlock your device. You simply pick it up and immediately see the most recently received message, which can be edited with a double tap.

Various editing tools are made available. Use one finger to draw, use two to erase. Line color and width may be adjusted. Since it is boring to use a messenger that doesn’t handle pictures, the app takes care of that as well. Messages can be send to groups or individuals alike. If you receive something particularly interesting, you have the option to save it or share it via other apps.

The messenger doesn’t just put information on the lock screen, it also brings something completely new into play. The design of the alternative lock screen is convincing, with or without new messages.

+ Novel approach in the multitude of messengers
+ Beautiful user interface
+ Very productive
– Still qualified as beta version

LokLok: Draw on a Lock Screen