Jar on a Bar 1.0: Freedom for the fish

Jar on a Bar 1.0: Freedom for the fish

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A really exciting physics-puzzler has just arrived in the App Store – “Jar on a Bar”. The game displays a goldfish bowl sitting on a pile of wooden beams. The goal is to get the goldfish bowl gently towards the bottom, until it reaches the ground. The fish may then jump out of the bowl towards freedom.

Just like in Jenga, the player may grab a wooden beam with his finger and pull it quickly and without hesitation sideways out of the pile. This will make the glass slide down one level – hopefully without slipping. It is equally important that as little water as possible is being spilled. Should the poor fish dry up, the level has to be restarted from the beginning.

The game features numerous levels that get increasingly difficult. Pretty soon it builds particularly tall towers or incorporates light blue blocks of ice, that will burst when touched.

Great skill and puzzle game. Anyone that is looking for a challenge might want to play a round of “Jar on a Bar” to help the goldfish gain his freedom.

+ Universal app for the iPhone and iPad
+ Many power-ups, such as wings for the fish
+ Very well done cartoon graphics

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Jar on a Bar