Ingress: Virtual Strategy Game set in the real world

Ingress: Virtual Strategy Game set in the real world

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Ingress: Virtual Strategy Game set in the real world

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9 Gameplay
8 Controls
9 Sound & Graphics
10 Replay Value

Purely by chance physicists have discovered a trans-dimensional matter that is called XM (exotic matter). For research purposes a new technology by the name of “Ingress” was developed. With the help of the app you have to collect as much XM as possible. You are challenged to occupy areas all over the world and to establish virtual portals, which have to be captured or defended. Portals are marked on Google Maps. You need to decide whether your want to belong the group of The Enlightened, which fights for XM and all it stands for, or if you want to be part of the group called The Resistance.

Naturally, the story is not real – however, you have to go to real places on the map to conquer virtual portals. The result is an augmented reality parallel world. To take part in the game you need a Google+ account that can be verified via a smartphone number, plus an active GPS location. To jointly conquer portals and establish strong units you may communicate and connect with other players via Facebook and Twitter.

Finally, the cult Strategy Game is now available for iOS devices as well. Google has put a great deal of care into the design, the game works perfectly and looks fantastic. It is impressive to see how virtual game dimensions are extended to the real world. However, during all the sci-fi treasure hunt fever let’s not forget that Google is constantly keeping an eye on you while playing.

+ Universal app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
+ No in-app purchases
+ Game is played on the iDevice, as well as in the real world
– Permanent GPS-based monitoring by Google

Free - Universal