Ichi 1.3: Rotating mirrors

Ichi 1.3: Rotating mirrors

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“Ichi” is a new puzzle game in the doodle style, featuring lots of yellow dots. The dots have to be collected with the help of a light beam which is being activated with a simple tap of the finger. The path that the light beam takes through the course can not be directly influenced. However, the player is able to turn red, mirror triangles in such a way that the beam is being redirected in the desired direction

The game features countless levels with a steadily increasing degree of difficulty. Pretty soon doors in the wall of the course let the beam of light disappear ahead of time. Crumbling walls, transmitters and firmly attached blue mirrors have to be used to the player’s advantage. All too often the player can only win if he keeps using the red mirror multiple times during the course of a round. Quick thinking and speed are essential.

Very exciting puzzle game, featuring basic graphics that do not distract from the essence of the game.

+ Universal app for the iPhone and iPad
+ Features its own level editor
– In-app purchase to unlock all levels