iCarpenter 1.0: A handy tool-belt

iCarpenter 1.0: A handy tool-belt

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This beautifully designed app offers seven useful measurement tools, that will come in handy in everyday life again and again. Carpenters, people working on construction sites, students or anyone in between might want to take advantage of the tools.

First of all the app makes a classic wooden ruler available, that offers a choice of centimeters or inches. Anyone that would like to, may load a triangle that can be used as protractor. A level, a compass, a pendulum and a powerful magnifier are some of the other features of the app.

The App Store offers plenty of rulers and levels. However, now there is finally an app that accommodates a number of tools. Very impressive are the accomplished graphics of the app.

Perfect: seven useful tools in one app. Anyone that needs a ruler, a compass or a level should check out the app

+ 7 measurement tools in one app
+ Ruler measures up to 73 inches or 187 centimeters
+ Beautiful graphics