Hitman GO: Funny Strategy Game by Square Enix

Hitman GO: Funny Strategy Game by Square Enix

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Hitman GO: Funny Strategy Game by Square Enix

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9 Gameplay
9 Controls
9 Sound & Graphics
9 Replay Value

ome of you might remember the TV series “Hitman”. “Hitman” has also recently been shown in movie theaters. And there is more: The developers at Square Enix, known for the Final-Fantasy Series, have released the iOS game app “Hitman GO”. The game is not only funny, it also challenges your power of deduction.

This is what it is all about: In 68 levels you have to come up with a strategy to guide the main character to his destination. However, you need to make sure that the “Bodyguards”, which are positioned throughout the scenes, don`t notice him. To get the job done Hitman has to follow a predetermined path.

Just beware of the pitfalls. When Hitman moves, the “Bodyguards” move as well. Various items can be used to distract them, so Hitman is able to safely reach his destination. In the beginning things are fairly easy, but beginning with level 10 it gets difficult. In an emergency you can always get help via an in-app purchase.

“Hitman GO“ is THE surprise of the year – a funny and original Strategy Game that quickly turns into a major challenge. Don’t think you can solve a level kind of “on the go” – you will not get very far. Only careful consideration lets you solve a level.

+ 68 challenging levels
+ Easy to understand gameplay
+ Help via in-app purchase
+ Funny graphics

4.99 $ - Universal
Hitman GO