Hazel Dazzle: Puzzle Adventure on fantastic planets

Hazel Dazzle: Puzzle Adventure on fantastic planets

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The archaeologist Hazel Joyce is on her way into the universe to protect the knowledge of the ancient Mirari people from ruthless exploiters. You are sending her to four fantastic planetary worlds, where it is all about exploring dungeons, solving puzzles and fighting enemies with your sword. When it is time for Hazel to move or fight, you control her by tilting your iPad and tapping on the touch screen.

To open doors and passages to caves and dungeons you have to either defeat all enemies or solve puzzles switches. The switches are operated by having Hazel run across them. You follow the action from a bird’s eye view, retaining an overview of the entire vicinity.

The Mac version of the Zelda-like Action Adventure has won several awards. Its implementation for the iPad was done well. The game lets you immerse yourself into brightly colored 3D graphics, full of unusual ideas and challenging puzzles.

– Available only as iPad version
+ No in-app purchases