Gesundheit! 1.0: Fighting monsters with a cold

Gesundheit! 1.0: Fighting monsters with a cold

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The little piggy has a cold and therefore the other pigs don’t want to play with him anymore. And yet, the sick piglet can turn into a great hero. Monsters are attacking – and they are simply crazy about the green slime that is dripping from the piglet’s nose.

In countless levels a winding course is being shown from a bird’s eye view. It is the player’s job to guide the piggy through a village landscape. The goal is to step on round buttons or throw chunks of green slime on top of them. It’s the only way to lower the barricades that keep the piglet from reaching new areas of the level.

At the end of each level a monster is waiting to devour the piglet. However, by performing certain moves and throwing slime, the monster can be pushed into a desired direction. Each level also features a monster trap. If the monster gets caught in it, it will be destroyed – and the level is conquered.

“Gesundheit!” is a very unusual game that offers lots of intelligently designed levels and a unique snot super weapon. The game has won several wards.

+ The game has won multiple awards
+ Features an animated cartoon background story
+ New game elements are always explained in detail

2.99 $ - iPhone