Gentleman…Ricochet!: A tricky flipper game for iOS

Gentleman…Ricochet!: A tricky flipper game for iOS

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The goal of this action puzzler is to guide a small ball over an gaming area packed with obstacles. The basic game dynamics work just like a flipper machine: pull a handle, aim, and let it go to fire the ball off the way you want it to. The different obstacles to overcome are things like rollers, constantly opening and closing gates, destructive cannons etc.

If you guide the ball to a magnet, you will be able to pause and fire it off from there again. To be able to break the highscore you also have to collect small blue stars on your way over the table. You can win over 60 inventive game tokens as well as a trophy fo each mastered level.

Keep calm: even when you try to analyze the board before you aim and shoot, it will seem as if the ball does whatever it wants to do. The physics-based game will also become increasingly difficult from level to level, always offers a lot of fun, and is definitely suited for short but explosive gaming sessions on the road.

+universal app for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
+no In-App Purchases
+Game Center intergration