Gas Station – Rush Hour: Are you able to manage the gas station?

Gas Station – Rush Hour: Are you able to manage the gas station?

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Despite high fuel prices, gas stations always seem to be extremely busy. This is especially the case at the gas station you need to have under control in the Time Management Game “Gas Station – Rush Hour”. In the new game by Microids you have to make sure that everything runs smoothly. A high degree of concentration is required. After just a short period of time you will have no reason to complain about the lack of customers.

Your task: Customers have to be taken care off promptly and quickly. If you are up to the challenge plenty of cash comes rolling in. Make sure, you pay extra attention to same colored cars – it brings in extra money. Your success depends on working smart and fast. The better you have things under control, the more successful your gas station becomes.

“Gas Station – Rush Hour“ is a typical Time Management Game. You are not going to discover any new elements. However, if you enjoy this kind of game the app will supply you with a solid, reasonably priced download – without any in-app purchases.

+ Hours of gameplay
+ No in-app purchases
+ Easy to use
– Requires iPod touch 5 or higher