Gary Chalk’s Gun Dogs: Classic Fantasy Pen-and-Paper on the iDevice

Gary Chalk’s Gun Dogs: Classic Fantasy Pen-and-Paper on the iDevice

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This Fantasy RPG sends you on a journey with a Gun Dog, an outlaw warrior that is being sent on hopeless missions. If he disregards orders, a magical collar strangles him. Gun Dog was put in his current position by the Emperor, after he was accused of high treason against the Empire. You have to make lots of decisions that will determine the direction of the story. However, your ultimate success depends on how lucky you are when it comes to rolling the dice.

The actions in this game take mainly place in your head, since your iDevice turns into a pen-and-paper game book. You scroll through pages and maps, making decisions regarding fighting, exploring, escaping, and much more. The result can be seen in fabulously drawn illustrations. Images may be saved in a gallery and viewed at any time in full screen mode. A bookmark guides you back to your last position in the game book.

Pen-and-paper fans will be amazed how realistic a game book can be displayed on an iDevice. Action fans will wonder how a game can get by with so few animations. And by the way, the similarity to “Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf” is not a coincidence: Gary Chalk illustrated those game books as well.

+ Universal-app for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
+ No in-app purchases
+ Can be played in portrait and landscape format
+ Shaking the iDevice rolls the dice