Foxtrot! – Tricky Retro Platformer with shooting chickens

Foxtrot! – Tricky Retro Platformer with shooting chickens

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Neville, the fox, has puppies – and they want eggs. It is your job to apply logic, skill and patience to find the eggs and deliver them to the puppies. The game features 30 levels, 30 eggs and lots of moving platforms, which you have to cleverly make use of. You move through the adventure by simply tapping on the display. But beware, things can get dangerous. Various platforms move up and down. You need to make sure to hop off at the right moment. The same applies to jumping onto stationary ledges. If you don’t do it right, you fall down. Also, avoid the shooting chickens and don’t forget to collect the key. Without it you are not able to leave the level. Help is available in form of movable boxes and other items.

This retro style Platformer is a lot of fun. The increasing level of difficulty keeps it challenging for a long time. The seemingly simple control might cause one or two missteps. Boss fights and races against the clock add some extra excitement.

+ Universal app for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
+ No in-app purchases

0.99 $ - Universal