Final Fantasy All the bravest: Good entertainment with delays

Final Fantasy All the bravest: Good entertainment with delays

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Final Fantasy at no charge – sounds good! Nevertheless, the developer of the high-quality and high-priced popular series, has not joint the good Samaritans. Via in-app purchase you are able to obtain several premium characters. The in-app purchases are, however, not absolutely necessary. If you are patient, you are can complete Final Fantasy All the braves without investing additional money.

All you Final Fantasy fans should not expect a complete version. The graphics are well done and the game principle deserves good grade. On the other hand, once your troops have been destroyed, you have to expect delays. Only then will you be able to join the battle again, defeat the enemy and go on to the next level – being compensated with well-known characters and the familiar soundtrack.

Final Fantasy All the bravest features all the well-liked RPG elements, scores with simple touch control and a high degree of game fun, but requires a little patience if played without in-app purchases.

+ Universal app
+ Easy control
+ Lots of expansion possibilities
– Long dry spells after your troops have been defeated

Free - Universal