Fieldrunners 2 1.0: Save the world!

Fieldrunners 2 1.0: Save the world!

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The Fieldrunners are back. In the sequel to the popular tower defense spectacle the player is able to view a paved square in the middle of a town, seen from a slanted top view. From the left hand side the invaders are moving in – on foot, motorcycles, helicopters and heavily armored vehicles.

The player has to keep the invaders from getting across the square – if he doesn’t, he will lose one of 20 lives. With the finger he is able to install automatic firing devices on the square. They will shoot at anything that comes close and may be gradually upgraded, once the player has accumulated enough gold by eliminating the enemy. Little by little the square is getting well-stocked with a new defense system . Some of the equipment consists of machine guns or rockets, other systems will slow down the opponent.

The game features several maps or different scenes. In each course the player has to set up his defense system, that needs to stand up against numerous waves of attack.

Anyone that enjoys a good tower defense game will love “Fieldrunners 2”. What is missing is an iPad version.

+ continuation of a classic
+ 20 special weapons
+ Hand-painted artwork in retina graphic

2.99 $ - iPhone
Fieldrunners 2