F1 Challenge: Who will take the pole position?

F1 Challenge: Who will take the pole position?

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The production and development of F1 Challenge was obviously more complex than planned. Shortly before the end of the Formula 1 Season 2013 the officially licensed F 1 game is being released – using the pilots of the 2012 season. That’s correct; the game orientates itself on the previous season. However, it doesn’t do any harm the game experience. The major drivers, such as Sebastian Vettel or Kimi Räikkönen, are still at the start.

You are able to participate in more than 90 races. The controls are quite simple. The game, by the known developer Codemasters, provides many enhancements, lots of information regarding the Formula 1 Season and its heroes, plus 12 speedsters to choose from.

If you don’t mind getting a Formula 1 game that features 2012 drivers and highlights, you should take a look at F1 Challenge. You will definitely get an authentic and officially licensed game with top drivers and excellent bonus material.

+ Universal app for the iPhone, iPod, iPad
+ Well done control
+ Lots of races
– Last season’s drivers
– Some in-app purchases

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