ETA: A new app that supplies the real-time duration of a trip

ETA: A new app that supplies the real-time duration of a trip

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ETA is an unusual name for a route and map app. However, don’t let that deter you from taking a closer look at this clever application. It is currently being offered at a low introductory price. This is what it is all about: The developers have been annoyed about the fact that a route search requires several initial clicks in the usual map apps by Apple or Google. Why not make things easier?

No sooner said than done. ETA provides the travel time based on the real-time traffic. First you determine your destination. Starting point is always your current position. After that the app calculates the time it takes to travel by car of on foot, based on real time traffic. You store the route once and you are done! In the future you simply push one button to display the traveling time and map.

ETA is a smart map application and quite versatile: Whether it is you daily trip to the office, or visiting your parents. The app lets you know if there is enough time for your daily visit to the gym or, if you are on vacation, if you can still make it to a specific destination.

+ Clever app idea
+ A smart and fast way to get there
+ Can be applied in various ways
– Design takes some getting used to

2.99 $ - iPhone
ETA - Arrive on time