Shadow Move 1.0.1:! Who casts the best shadow?

Shadow Move 1.0.1:! Who casts the best shadow?

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This is a completely new idea. In the game “Shadow Move” the app will display a geometric figure that has to be recreated in a very unusual way. In front of a very bright lamp the player is being handed a construct, made up of various geometric figures. The goal is to rotate the construct in front of the lamp in such a way, that the shadow cast on the wall will resemble the geometric figure first displayed.

If the player believes he has a good match he may push a button and ask the game for an evaluation. If the match is not precise enough, “Shadow Move” will reject the result. If it is acceptable the player can get up to three yellow stars for his effort.

The first round consists of ten levels that are only being activated if the previous task has been completed. Overall the game features 50 level in five “stages”. More levels will be provided via updates.

A game that requires the player to think three dimensional, in order to project the right shadow onto the wall.

+ Universal app for the iPhone and iPad
+ 50 Levels included
– Beware of displayed advertising offers for subscriptions