Duet Game: Are you clever enough to take control?

Duet Game: Are you clever enough to take control?

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If you are not into games that feature endless tutorials, but are more inclined to go for the ones that are minimalist, yet challenging, you should definitely take a look at the newly released Duet Game.

It doesn’t take long to get familiar with the game. Two colored dots – a red one and a blue one – revolve around a central point. Your job is to overcome obstacles, which is fairly easy in the beginning, but later on becomes increasingly challenging. The game, which features an impressive soundtrack, requires complete focus, if you want to successfully master all 9 levels.

Here you can enjoy a game that offers an easy structure, but is challenging and addictive at the same time. 9 levels don’t sound like much. However, once you start playing Duet you come to realize that you need to take a cool and deliberate approach to be successful.

+ Universal app
+ Easy to understand, yet challenging gameplay
+ No in-app purchases
+ Sophisticated game

2.99 $ - Universal
Duet Game