Dracula Twins: Vampires vs. the rest of the monster world

Dracula Twins: Vampires vs. the rest of the monster world

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The vampire twins Drac and Dragana need to save their best friend Franislav. He was kidnapped by the wicked Doctor Lifelust, whose army of undead has also taken over Castle Moonskull – the home of the twins. You take on the role of Drac or Dragana, choose a location on the world map and run along on a path to safety.

During your adventure you need to collect coins and skulls, jump onto flying platforms, avoid traps and remove obstacles. Naturally, you are being pursuit by various shady characters. Nevertheless, you avoiding flying flames as well as deadly birds, and kill monsters like zombies, mummies and werewolves. Some of them are easily killed by simply jumping on them; others – especially boss monsters and villains – need to be attacked with skulls as well.

This is an entertaining and lovingly drawn Jump’n’Run, which is action-packed and filled with funny, morbid details. The game concept is familiar from countless other titles and you will easily be able to grasp it. The virtual console controller is somewhat unusual.

+ Universal app for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
– In-app purchases
+ Supports Facebook

1.99 $ - Universal
Dracula Twins

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