DEVICE 6: A unique game that has no equal

DEVICE 6: A unique game that has no equal

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Is it a game? Is it a book? Is it an adventure? DEVICE 6 is definitely something unique – which accounts for its charm. The app was released by the well known developer Simogo (“Bumpy Road”, “Year Walk”, “Beat Steak Bandit”).

DEVICE 6 takes a somewhat extraordinary approach: You are only able to advance if you read. Also, you have to deal with some odd things happening: The text may change its usual position. To adjust, you need to turn your game device (iPhone, iPod or iPad) accordingly. Or, it may be that you go down a virtual staircase, while reading and trying to solve various puzzles at the same time. Some of the puzzles are easy, some are hard – all of them are, however, unique. Please note that English language skills are required to play the game.

DEVICE 6 will entice you with its truly unusual characteristics. No question, the developers came up with a clever idea that resulted in a unique game, or rather reading adventure.

+ Universal app for the iPhone, iPod, iPad
+ Mix of reading and playing
+ Unique gameplay
+ No in-app purchases
– Currently not available in multiple languages

3.99 $ - Universal