MyCityHighlight – City guide – sightseeing like locals

MyCityHighlight – City guide – sightseeing like locals

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MyCityHighlight – City guide – sightseeing like locals

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Exploring different cities is becoming increasingly popular. Something that any traveler needs in an unfamiliar city is good (preliminary) tips that turn a visit into an experience. The perfect tool to accomplish that goal is the travel guide MyCityHighlight. The app, which also works offline, turns the user into one of the locals …

MyCityHighlights provides a file of the best sights. It even gives traveler the option to create a customized city guide – which is available in list format, on a map, or as
Augmented Reality view.

The app also offers excellent ways to save money by supplying discount vouchers, as well as the opportunity to send out postcards from a vacation spot, right from within MyCityHighlights. Best of all, experts, or so-called “City Managers, share their expertise. They live in the respective cities and have knowledge of the best addresses. Their
experience lets tourists discover places that are in general only enjoyed by locals, and would have remained a secret without the app.

MyCityHighlight makes it easy to share travel experiences with friends, or file them as a diary in the app. If someone is looking to exchange information with locals or other
tourists, he can join the forum for a chat.

What a truly fantastic way to travel and explore cities. The app helps to experience a terrific vacation by supplying not only social media activities, but also ways to save money via discount vouchers, plus excellent information and insider’s tips.

+ Already available for numerous cities: Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Vienna plus 5 Swiss locations
+ Additional locations are to follow soon via update
+ Forum and community
+ Travel and save

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