Demolition Crash: How about becoming a demolition expert?

Demolition Crash: How about becoming a demolition expert?

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In this Strategy Puzzler you have to help the smart hero to destroy various buildings – so he can become a demolition expert. In each of the 180 levels you get a few bombs that consist of five different types of explosives. You need to place them in such a way that they not only level buildings to the ground, but also destroy furniture, fences, plants, and more. The buildings are made up of several different materials, including stone, wood and glass – similar to the pig’s hiding places in “Angry Birds”. Each explosive has a unique effect, which you have to cleverly exploit. By completely destroying buildings you gain experience that lets you unlock new abilities and levels.

This is a fun game idea that requires putting your brain to work. At the end of each level you are rewarded with impressive explosions, dust, lightning and deafening noise. An extra touch is being added by the strange behavior of the wacky hero. He puts on various disguises and even hangs on a rope to get a close look at the explosion.

+ Universal app for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
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Demolition Crush