Comics Mask Pro: Create hilarious photos

Comics Mask Pro: Create hilarious photos

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Most people enjoy comics. However, we don’t necessarily want to look like a cartoon character. It’s a different story if you want to have some fun and are looking for something to get a party going, for example. Comics Mask Pro sets new standards when it comes to putting a comic touch on your photos. You have the choice of implementing anyone of 70 comic elements into your images.

A group photo would be a great target. Just imagine, your friends all of a sudden turn into a wolf, zombie or dog – and you stay just the way you are. No question, it will be hilarious. Working with the program couldn’t be any easier and in no time at all you have created a comic photo. If your friends like the idea of having been turned into a snarling monster, simply share the work of art with them immediately.

Comics Mask Pro will liven up any party. Creating the comic images takes no time at all and you have to choice of 70 motives. If you want to, share your work of art.

+ Provides funny entertainment
+ Easy to use
+ Wide range of motives
+ Images may be shared

Comics Mask Pro