Click the Bolt 1.2: Alien in search of fuel

Click the Bolt 1.2: Alien in search of fuel

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A little alien had an accident with his UFO. Now he has to search 10 planets, trying to locate new fuel. The fuel comes in form of delicious candy and chocolates, which needs to be collected.

The alien is located in a glass ball and falls into an underground cave system. Initially only gravity affects the journey through the corridors of the cave. The player can only do one thing: loosen the mounting screws on the wooden boards, which are placed at various points in the level – all it takes is a tap with the finger. The boards then let the alien pass by, give him a hard push or block the wrong way at a junction.

In 50 levels it is all about locking and unlocking a board at exactly the right moment. For each collected piece of candy a star is being awarded. Only after all levels of a set have been solved, including the maximum three stars, will the app activate the next set of levels.

“Click the Bolt” is a very appealing Physics Puzzler that features many tricky levels. Initially the challenges appear to be simple. However, it turns out they are not that easy to master – especially when three stars have to be earned.

+ Universal app for the iPhone and iPad
+ 50 levels on 10 planets
– In-app purchases increase the price of the game

Free - Universal
Click the Bolt