Aerena: Airship combat with plenty of action

Aerena: Airship combat with plenty of action

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Aerena: Airship combat with plenty of action

Editor's Rating

9 Gameplay
9 Controls
8 Sound & Graphics
9 Replay Value

In the game Aerena you take control of an airship and fight against other players. Battles takes place turn-based. At the start of a match you bring your heroes into play. You determine a starting position and as soon as everyone is in the game, you receive two action points for each round. They can be used for an attack or movement.

Depending on the character, attacks vary in regard to range and intensity. The goal is to weaken the enemy ship down to zero life points. After a few rounds you receive special attacks, which you may utilize. Experience and coins are being awarded after a completed game. They can be exchange for new ships, players and other useful objects. Additional coins may be obtained via in-app purchase.

This is a very entertaining PVP game. It is not only about fighting, but you need to do quite a bit of thinking and planning – before and during the battle.

+ Many special attacks
+ Plenty of action
+ Diversified gameplay