CalculatorNg: One of the best calculators in the Store

CalculatorNg: One of the best calculators in the Store

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If you are looking for a pocket calculator program in the Google Play Store, it is easy to get confused. A ton of apps are being offered and finding the right one is difficult. Our recommendation: CalculatorNg. The name of the app sounds a little bulky, but should not discourage you from a free download.

The large buttons are definitely a plus and the clear and well thought out design deserves thumbs up. CalculatorNg also impresses with functionality. You are able to freely edit calculations and receive unusually fast results. The reason being, you don’t have to push the = button, the result appears instantly.

CalculatorNg not only looks good, but features well thought out functions. If you need to delete an entry, simply shake the device. Swiping motions are incorporated into this beautiful app as well.

+ Great design
+ Easy to operate
+ Good range of functions
+ Large buttons

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