Blocky Roads: Build your own car and drive it across country

Blocky Roads: Build your own car and drive it across country

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Technically, you are supposed to drive around in your car, collecting parts for your farm, which needs rebuilding after a hurricane. However, in this Action Adventure the car is clearly the focus of attention. You start out in one of nine cars, rumbling on a predetermine journey through the countryside. Treasure chests for the farm, as well as coins for car upgrades have to be collected. And by the way, don’t forget to get gas.

After you have completed three of the twelve tracks you are able to spiff up your car. Since everything in the game is made out of blocks, including nature, houses, cars and drivers, you expand your car block by block to reinforce it and give it its own dynamics. Blocks can also be individually colored. Following that it’s back to the track, where you have to overcome obstacles and chasms. Depending on how you apply the brakes or step on the gas, the car will swerve or even jump. If it gets damaged badly or flips over, you need to start at the beginning of the track.

This is a great combination of driving and building, presented in pixilated Lego graphics. You will have fun building your individual car and testing it by driving cross country at high speed. Rebuilding the farm kind of provides a reason for the journey.

+ Universal app for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
– In-app purchases
+ Game Center Achievements

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Blocky Roads