Beetle Breaker: Puzzler with exploding bugs

Beetle Breaker: Puzzler with exploding bugs

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In this Physics Puzzler you have to shoot exploding bugs towards wooden figures – in three worlds with a total of 72 levels. You fire from the bottom of the screen with a slingshot: A tap of the finger lets you choose a bug, insert it into the slingshot, aim and let go. If you are able to destroy approximately 90 percent of the wooden figures with as few as possible bugs, you have earned yourself three stars.

The various bug species have individual abilities, such as throwing bombs or splitting into two while zooming towards the target. A “Killer-Combo” earns you a higher score. If you don’t make a level, spin the wheel of fortune to get power-ups. Collecting coins and diamonds lets you increase your destructive power or obtain additional bugs. As the game progresses, aiming and scoring direct hits get more and more difficult. Moving obstacles will get between your slingshot and the wooden figures.

Another app in the long line of Casual Games like “Angry Birds” or “Cut the Rope”: It is simple to play, cute and you can easily get back into it – even after a longer break. These apps for on the go are great fun, especially because of the increasing level of difficulty.

+ Universal app for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
– In-app purchases and advertising