Bee Jewelry 1.0: Unusual Match-3-Game

Bee Jewelry 1.0: Unusual Match-3-Game

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In the match-3 game “Bee Jewelry” different colored diamonds are displayed in an upright honeycomb that features numerous hexagonal shapes. The goal in each level is to let the diamonds disappear within a specified time.

From the top the player throws new diamonds onto the board. The diamonds move back and forth on a conveyor belt. With a finger tap they can be moved into the honeycomb. As soon as three or more gems of one color accumulate they will immediately dissolve. At the end of the level the player counts the scored points and loads the next level. With each level the speed of the gems on the conveyor belt increases.

The game features several power-ups. They will either help the player to accumulate more points or slow down the diamonds, so that it will be a lot easier to insert them into the honeycomb.

Appealing game featuring a new match-3 idea.

+ New match-3 idea
+ Five super-bonuses
– It could use more variety