Battery Doctor Pro 6.2: Keeping an eye on the battery!

Battery Doctor Pro 6.2: Keeping an eye on the battery!

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How is the battery of the iPhone or the iPad doing? “Battery Doctor Pro” will let you know! The app displays the remaining battery power as a percentage that can be converted. The battery-doctor predicts to the minute, how long the battery will last if the iPhone is being used nonstop for 3G calls, a WiFi Internet connection, viewing a video, YouTube playback, listening to music, 2D games or 3D games. One thing soon becomes very obvious: 3D games are huge power guzzlers.

For optimal utilization of a battery, and to maintain the capacity for as long as possible, the app offers to regularly perform a “full cycle charge”. This means that the battery capacity is being used until only a 20 percent charge remains. At this point the app performs a complete charge. It will also provide lots of tips on how the battery life may be prolonged.

The monitor is an interesting feature. It shows which apps and other things are currently active – and for how long they have been running already. This can be a real shock: some apps might be active in the background for days, constantly drawing on the battery power.

“Battery Doctor Pro” offers a multitude of useful functions when it comes to the subject of batteries.

+ Universal app for the iPhone and iPad
+ Should prolong battery life
+ 14 statements about the remaining battery power