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Millions of people all over the world love card games. With devices like the iPhone or the iPad you can play them wherever you are without having to fear to loose cards.

Bartak is very similar to the game Spades. Each of the four players gets 13 cards. When you play the classic mode, you have to guess, how many tricks you make. If you reach this number, points will be added to your score, otherwise you will lose some. You can read the rules in the app – unfortunately they are not visible at the beginning. However, this should be no problem, as you will know them after two or three times. You can play two different game modes facing players all over the world, or invite some GameCenter-friends to join you.

Bartak Online is a great card game for iOS and is really fun for in-between and longer gaming sessions. Every match is different and you’ll need both luck and tactics.

+ completely free
+ great card game
+ good for in-between
+ two game modes
– hard to get started, because the help doesn’t load at the beginning

Free - Universal
Batak - trick taking card game