Band Land: Can you guess the name of the band?

Band Land: Can you guess the name of the band?

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This is a really funny idea for a music quiz. Band Land presents humorous drawings of popular bands. Based on the drawing you need to guess who is being portrayed. It may sound easy, but is quite tricky at times.

The app provides 200 musicians or bands that you have to guess right. In case you get stuck; you may consult with your friends via Facebook or Twitter, to find out if they have an idea. The app offers tips as well, and is free in the basic version. If you find the advertising annoying, you may have it removed via in-app purchase. There are also coins, which you can use to buy tips.

Band Land is a quiz that is definitely fun to play. Initially, the drawings are easy to recognize, however, in the course of the game it does get quite challenging – even for music experts.

+ Universal app for the iPhone, iPod, iPad
+ Large puzzle selection
+ Great animations
– In-app purchases (coins, eliminating ads)

Free - Universal
Band Land