Asterix: Total Retaliation

Asterix: Total Retaliation

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Plants vs. Zombies was a huge success and the second version of the game was published some weeks ago. Asterix: Total Retaliation takes the game principle and adds some Gauls and Romans.

The Romans attack in four rows from the right side of the display and want to get some of Miraculix’s magic potion. It’s your task to prevent them from doing so by placing Gauls in their way. Thereby you have to consider that every Gaul can only be placed once on the field, but moved to another row if you want to. Overall, the game mostly mimics Plants vs. Zombies, but with Gauls and Romans instead of Plants and Zombies. Unfortunately there is a display error on the iPad: your selection area of Gauls isn’t visible entirely but has to be scrolled.

Asterix: Total Retaliation may be worth a try for everyone who likes Plants vs. Zombies and Asterix and Obelix. Otherwise, it’s only an ordinary game.

+ well known game principle
+ characters of the comics
+ universal app
– display error on the iPad
– less than ideal controls