AppZapp Notify: detect all Apps on sale

AppZapp Notify: detect all Apps on sale

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AppZapp Notify: detect all Apps on sale

AppZapp Notify is now even better – thanks to a new update. The App is available for free on the App Store. It brings many improvements to an application, which is a must-have download already.

With AppZapp Notify, you never again miss any of the top apps that are being offered at a discounted price in the Store. Personalized alarms, which are more than easy to set up, are the great AppZapp Notify feature. Real-time notifications not only let you know about deals, but you also receive information regarding new apps.

The new design gives AppZapp Notify an even more stylish look, and the content is something that impresses as well. For example, each alarm can be provided with a specific name, ensuring a better overview of the alarm list.

You can even monitor certain categories with individual alarms, including price reductions, apps that become free, newly released apps or updates that become available.

Besides monitoring various categories, you naturally have the option to keep an eye on individual apps. If the price gets reduced, your price alarm will let you know. It is also a convenient way to keep up-to-date on particular developers. Did he reduce the price? Is a fantastic update available? Has your favorite developer released a new app? Thanks to AppZapp’s developer alarm, you will not miss out on the latest information.

Push messages quickly provide you with all the info and the global community, which now includes approximately 2 million users, is at your disposal for exchanges.

The fantastic overall package turns AppZapp Notify into a definite must-have download. Especially after the latest update, which improves the app even more. Anyone that spends a lot of time in the App Store and wants to keep on top of things owns it to himself to install AppZapp Notify on his iPhone.

AppZapp is also available for free for Android Devices.


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