Angry Birds Go!: Birds and pigs on the racetrack

Angry Birds Go!: Birds and pigs on the racetrack

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Rovio continues the popular Angry Birds Series. This time birds and pigs are being sent to the racetrack. The scenario of the adventure will remind you of Super Mario Kart – which was probably intentionally. The control is easy to use, the characters are, as always, colorful and you work your way from one track to the next.

However, you need to be prepared to do some waiting – if you don’t want to spend cash via in-app for coin upgrades. Sometimes the coins on the track are just not sufficient. Nevertheless, just show some patients. You will be thrilled to discover your favorite characters of the cult series Angry Birds in this Racer. Unfortunately, one does get the impression that Rovio seems to be keen on in-app purchases.

Angry Birds Go! provides exciting races on Piggy Island. It is fun and the five different modes make sure there is enough variety. The basic version is free. However, if you don’t like in-app purchases, be prepared to take waiting time into account.

+ Mario-style racing fun
+ Universal app for the iPhone, iPod, iPad
+ Basic version is free
– Waiting period without in-app purchases
– Occasional, annoying advertising pop-ups

Free - Universal
Angry Birds Go!