Altimeter 1.1: How high up am I?

Altimeter 1.1: How high up am I?

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Anyone that loves to do mountain climbing, would also like to know how high up he was able to make it, once the mountain top comes into view. But even in everyday life it is quite interesting to find out how much above sea level you are at the moment. The app iAltimeter will tell you.

As soon as the app is in use, it finds out via GPS where you are presently located and displays the corresponding altitude and latitude on the screen.

Information regarding the current position is displayed in meters M, but the user can easily switch to have it displayed in feet F.

The app will also supply a beautiful background picture. There are actually several images available to choose from. Pick your favorite motive and use it until you would like to exchange it for a different one.

Well-designed app that does precisely what it should – calculate the current altitude.

+ An accurately working altimeter
+ A lot of beautiful background pictures
– No memory function