Airbnb 2.2.0: Private apartments for rent

Airbnb 2.2.0: Private apartments for rent

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Anyone that likes to travel often ends up in a hotel. Most of the time this turns out to be expensive, the room is small and preparing a meal is out of the question. For that reason – and because it is a lot less costly – vacationers and business travelers are looking for rooms, town houses, lofts or single family homes that can be rented privately. The app “Airbnb” will assist in locating and booking appropriate accommodations.

An example: someone that loves flying to Florida is able to rent an entire house with pool, garage and kitchen – and will probably have more space than at home. To find an appropriate place it is sufficient to enter the name of the destination (our tip: Cape Coral). The app will come up with suitable offers, displaying the amenities, numerous photos, a map featuring the exact location plus a description from the owner.

If interested in a particular offer, the user is able to contact the owner and complete the booking right from within the app.

“Airbnb” offers private accommodations in more than 190 countries. It is definitely worthwhile to try this form of travel.

+ Locating accommodations and booking them immediately
+ 19.000 cities in 190 countries
+ Exchange via Facebook

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