Age Of Fury™ 3D

Age Of Fury™ 3D

7.75 iOS Review
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Age Of Fury™ 3D

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7.5 Gameplay
8 Controls
8 Sound & Graphics
7.5 Replay Value

Different races and people fought shoulder to shoulder in the war against the evil of the Edge of the World. Now that this fight has been won, old conflicts erupt anew – it is the Age of Fury.

In this online strategy game for iOS devices, you can build up your own little village in astonishingly detailed 3D-graphics and upgrade it over time to become an impregnable fortress. Defend yourself with cannons, catapults, magic and more against hostile troops. Build your own army and raid the enemies of the campaign or play PvP and attack other players to gain more resources and achievements. Place your troops on the battle field, watch their fight and learn from it to improve your tactics even further. It is also possible to group with your friends in a clan to join forces and support each other.

Age of Fury has an extensive campaign, allows you to battle other players and comes with great 3D-graphics. This completely free game is definitely worth a try.