Ace Fishing – Wild Catch: Adventure on the water

Ace Fishing – Wild Catch: Adventure on the water

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Ace Fishing – Wild Catch: Adventure on the water

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8 Gameplay
6 Controls
9 Sound & Graphics
9 Replay Value

Going fishing is a relaxing activity. We always imagined it as a “sport” that is calming, includes a fishing rod, something to drink and some quiet time by the water. Yeah, right! Just wait until you get involved in “Ace Fishing” – it gets right to the point: In a 3D world your job is to catch fish. Make sure you are well organized and in good condition. A day of fishing can be exhausting – even the fish get tired, depending on the skill level.

The app offers a wide selection of fish and lots of locations. Take part in competitions, compare your achievements to those of your friends or challenge them to a duel. But, beware: Every fish reacts differently, which is part of the charm of this beautiful game.

Fishing can be a lot of fun. If you do it in colorful 3D worlds that contain lots of different fish, the addiction potential is high. The global record lists are an added incentive.

+ Great 3D graphics
+ Various kinds of fish to choose from
+ Addiction potential
– Control is sometimes a little difficult

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch

One Comment

  • Frank says:

    Ace Fishing ist totale Abzocke!! Vorsicht wer investiert!
    In den ersten leveln wird man noch heiss gemacht und da macht es auch noch spaß.
    irgendwann kommt man nur noch durch KAUFEN weiter und man verliert trotz teurer Ausrüstung Fische die nicht mal 5cm groß sind.