9 Elefants: Greetings from famous Professor Layton

9 Elefants: Greetings from famous Professor Layton

8.5 iOS Review
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9 Elefants: Greetings from famous Professor Layton

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8 Gameplay
9 Controls
8 Sound & Graphics
9 Replay Value

One of the best game newcomers of the past days and weeks is without a doubt 9 Elefants, released by the well-known developers at Microids. The game is reminiscent of the Professor Layton Series. It takes place in Paris in the 20s, features terrific graphics, and fans of the puzzle genre will definitely get their money’s worth with this entertaining game. Make sure you activate your brain cells, if you are planning to solve the challenging tasks

The story: Laura, an investigator, is looking for her father, who has been kidnapped. You pick up the trail, and start the chase in Paris – so the family can be reunited once again. The game includes interacting with objects and people, collecting items and being rewarded with small gears, which display how many tasks you have solved already. Be prepared to invest quite a bit of time to discover the secret of the nine elephants. A whopping 230 puzzles will keep you in suspense and provide good entertainment.

Anyone that is familiar with, and loves, the Professor Layton Series, will also enjoy 9 Elefants. The game is well stocked with 230 puzzles and you are going to be captivated by it. Immerse yourself into the Paris of the 20s and forget the world around you for a few hours – that’s what games should be all about.

+ 230 Puzzles
+ Beautiful graphics
+ Intelligent puzzles and riddles
+ Easy to understand
+ Only requires iOS 4.3 or higher

2.99 $ - Universal
9 Elefants