100m Stunt: Ingenious Vertical Platformer in industrial optics

100m Stunt: Ingenious Vertical Platformer in industrial optics

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100m Stunt: Ingenious Vertical Platformer in industrial optics

Editor's Rating

8 Gameplay
9 Controls
9 Sound & Graphics
10 Replay Value

You are in charge of a small pixel guy with a blue face. Help him to overcome all kinds of dangerous situations, while making your way through a tunnel, trying to reach the top. Tapping makes him jump up in the air, if you don’t do anything, it bounces back down again. The direction is automatically determined when the little guy bounces off the wall. Make sure you pay attention to obstacles such as spike balls, bramble gates that only open for a moment, chain saws or suddenly emerging giant fans. The walls are studded with deadly spikes as well – be careful not to touch them. Navigate with extreme caution. When you reach the 100-meter platform, you have completed the level. Each of the 100 levels may be finished with a top rating of three stars, which you have to collect along the way. Often times they float at particularly dangerous and tight spaces.

There are plenty of Vertical Platformers that are based on the principle of “Doodle Jump”. This one is unique when it comes to requirements and atmosphere. One can’t get enough of the mono-style graphics with a hint of background and black, lurking danger elements. Regardless of how tricky it gets, the game never turns into something that is unreasonably difficult. Addiction potential!

+ Universal app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
+ No in-app purchases or advertising
+ Supports Game Center