„Notify me“ by AppZapp



Notify for Developers

This great service keeps your users up2date about your new releases and Apps that are on sale at the App Store.

Our system automatically sends out notifications after changes take place in the App Store – you don’t need to get involved.


  • It’s ready to use in less than 5 minutes.
  • No SDK needed.
  • Works on Apps, Websites, Social Networks etc.

Try Notify Now – it’s Free



Notify for YOUR Users

All a user needs to do is sign up to get notified about YOUR Apps – everything else works automatically and in real-time.

The User will be notified about YOUR Apps on Sale or News Apps by Push-Notification or Email.




Gregory Wintgens
Gregory Wintgens

As a game publisher, we have great interest that our customers will be informed about new releases or a price reduction directly als possible. The AppZapp seller-alert is the perfect tool to ensure this and the new "Notify me" Service makes it even easier for the players to use AppZapp for their specific needs. Effective as it gets!

Gregory Wintgens
Senior Marketing & PR Manager GSA

Patrick Rausch
Patrick Rausch

“AppZapp Notify” is a very powerful tool for us to inform interested users about our new products and updates. The users are always up2date about their favorite Apps and we have a new and innovative way to share information about recent updates or other important news. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Patrick Rausch
Board of Directors
@bitComposer Entertainment AG


Wait, what is this thing again?

“Notify me” by AppZapp sends notifications to your users about your New Apps & Apps on Sale on the Apple App Store.

Notifications will be delivered via Email or in AppZapp Notify via Push Notifications.


Will it work without your App?

Yes, it is not necessary for the user to install AppZapp on his mobile device.

If AppZapp is not installed the user will be notified about your Apps via Email.


Is it really free?

Yes! „Notifiy me“ is completely FREE for you as a developer & your users.

How does it work?

„Notify me“ only requires a personalized  link to a responsive website.

No SDK is needed!

You can create your own linke HERE for free.


How can i create my link?

Its very easy – just visit this website and enter your Apple Developer ID or search for it by using your Developer Name.

For example for AppZapp the Developer Name is ConIT AG and the Apple Developer ID is: 375733294

The Link to set notifications related to ConIT AG (AppZapp) is:

Where can i use it?

You can use your link wherever you want:

– in your Apps,
– on your website,
– on Social Networks such as Facebook or Twitter
– and even in eMail newsletters or other digital messages.


How many users will receive notifications?

It depends on how many users are taking advantage of “Notify me” in connection with your. You can invite as many of them as you like – there are no limits.

Do you guys offer this service for Google Play?

Not yet, but we are seriously considering it.